A Sonny Day

Elaine Lucia

Jonathan Alford – Piano
Pierre Archain – Bass
Alan Hall – Drums
Dave MacNab – Guitar
Michael Goodell – Guitar
Gerry Grosz – Vibes
Arrangements by Gerry Grosz (except “I Call You Sonny”)
“I Call You Sonny” – written by Elaine Lucia
(Final) Remembrance – Music by Gerry Grosz; Lyrics by Elaine Lucia

A Sonny Day” (dedicated to the memory of Elaine’s father, Frank “Sonny” Lucia) tells a “day-in-the-life of ” story, beginning with Duke Ellington’s prayerful greeting: “I Like The Sunrise.”  The ‘day’ progresses with “Lugar Bonito,” a song that serves as a metaphor for life’s journey. As the sun rises higher in the sky, the songs gain in intensity until they reach high noon with a samba treatment on “I Only Have Eyes For You.” The day goes on, the sun begins to set, and the songs get quieter as we remember and dream of those we love, and those we’ve lost. “In The Land Of Make Believe” and “When The World Is At Rest” are like lullabies, ushering in night time; “I Call You Sonny,” written by Elaine, evoke childhood images. “You Are There” reminds us that our loved ones are never truly gone; they live in our hearts and within the small moments of every day life that evoke cherished memories. The last song, “Final Remembrance,” was originally an instrumental song by vibraphonist Gerry Grosz; Elaine wrote the lyrics in tribute to her father.

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