Twist Run Road by Elaine Lucia

Twist Run Road is a beautiful, country road that winds down from the top of a hill to a windy, tree-covered shale cliff at the bottom. We lived near the top of the hill, and across the street from us were the few homes of our neighbors. We kids rode our bikes in the big driveway, or ran in the fields and woods that surrounded us. It looks quite different now, it is much more a housing development these days.

I am left with the shining, innocent, beautiful memories that did exist on Twist Run Road, but that I could not see while living through those years.

This song is about one such beautiful memory…the family that lived across the street from our house up on Twist Run Road. She took me in, she loved me when I was little, and I never forgot her. I visited her thirty years later, to thank her, and later wrote this song.

The song is about her, but also about my own mother and how all the women in the neighborhood “were instrumental in not only raising their own kids, but in co-raising a neighborhood of kids. Growing up on Twist Run Road was very special. A special, time and place, with very special people. the good times FAR outweighed that bad, but we all got through it together.” (that quote from Dave Lozzi, whose mother, “Shawnie,” was the inspriation for this song.

Not long after I wrote it, she passed away. I hope she heard the song, but even if she didn’t, I know she can hear it now, because every time I sing it, I think of her.

Twist Run Road

Twist Run Road leads me right back to the front door of the house across the street from us
On Twist Run Road.

She lets me in, I turn around and look back down the winding path, that led me far away
From Twist Run Road.

“You grew up here, come in now, yes, I remember you
You’d run to my front doorstep in the days of the summer
Tell me, how are you?”

I tell her that I’m fine, that I wanted one more time to see the hillsides and the fields
Up on Twist Run Road.

“I miss the trees in the Autumn, and the leaves, and sitting on your doorstep
Up on Twist Run Road.
Because you loved me, when I was little, I’ll never forget you,
I’d run to your front doorstep in the days of the summer
And you would let me in
You let me in
And I wanted to Thank you.”

(She remembers all the times
Hanging laundry on the line
All the kids are running wild
Up on Twist Run Road.
The lonely winter nights
In a house as cold as ice
the windows were the eyes
Upon Twist Run Road)

I take her hand, I lead her up to the front doorstep
Where we sit and watch the sunset
Over Twist Run Road.,

And as I drive away, she turns around to wave goodbye
Then closes the door on my memories
Of Twist Run Road.

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