Author, Columnist, Founder of Supports Elaine’s Crowdfunding Campaign
by Gary Kamiya

I’ve been watching Elaine Lucia perform for many years. She has one of the loveliest instruments of any singer I know: an extraordinarily clear, pure voice that seems to pour out of her effortlessly, whether she’s singing an uptempo jazz standard or a poignant ballad like Burt Bacharach’s “Alfie.” Her delicious tone and exceptional pitch make her one of those singers who would sound good, as Miles Davis said about Antonio Carlos Jobim, just reading the phone book.

Elaine has always been exceptionally versatile, bringing her lyrical musicality to material from Dave Frishberg to the Great American Songbook. Now she is embracing a deeper challenge: turning to her own life for inspiration, composing her own songs. Songs like “Milkweed” and “Casting,” slated to be part of her projected new album “Twist Run Road,” show Elaine in an intriguing new light. Elaine plays guitar on these original compositions. Their sophisticated chord changes and unusual melodies recall Joni Mitchell and Milton Nascimento, while the naked, yearning sincerity of her vocals seem to come from some rediscovered inner child. It’s a beguiling combination. As a longtime fan of Elaine’s, I’d love to see her get the opportunity to record these tunes with a band. I encourage fellow fans and lovers of good music to donate to her crowdfunding campaign so that “Twist Run Road” can become a reality – and Elaine can continue her artistic journey.

— Gary Kamiya, former executive editor and co-founder of and author of the book “Cool Gray City of Love: 49 Views of San Francisco,” .