My 2018 Tiny Desk Contest Submission – Elaine Lucia

Here is my Tiny Desk Contest submission for 2018 (my second entry – I also entered in 2016). The rules state that there must be a desk in the video. I couldn’t bring a full-sized desk into the studio so I found an itty-bitty, teeny tiny desk. With a minuscule lamp. And an insanely adorable, microscopic telephone. If you were Lilliputian you could sit on the wee chair and call your teensy friends. In case you have trouble finding the tiny desk, an eensy-weensy easel points it out to you. This diminutive desk ensemble fit into my purse so I could spring it on the crew in an inconspicuous manner. Elfish laughter ensued as we all enjoyed the ineffable Tiny Desk. The End.
Song: “Twist Run Road” by Elaine Lucia
Recorded at Threshold Studios, Richard Ross, Engineer/Mix/Master
Randall Love, videographer
Gigi Moral, videographer’s assistant, awesome daughter

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