Final Remembrance, Music by Gerry Grosz, Lyrics by Elaine Lucia

Final Remembrance

On September 10, 2001, we buried my father after his long battle with cancer. After the funeral, I drove the hour and a half back home. I was listening to Gerry Grosz’s instrumental piece, “Remembrance,” and these lyrics came to me. I wrote them down when I got home.

The next day was 9/11. I had been up all night, unable to sleep from the ordeal of my father’s death, family issues, and physical pain and over-exhaustion. I went to my computer to check email after a week or more of not being online, and the first thing I saw was a photo of the Twin Towers and a plane crashing into it. I was so tired, I thought that it was a photo from a coming disaster film. I clicked on the photo and started reading. I ran to the TV and turned it on at the exact moment when they were showing the towers falling. As I watched the tower fall, all the energy in my body rushed out through the bottoms of my feet; it felt like my body was crashing down in time with the towers. It really felt like the end of the world – my father was gone, and now this unfathomable event was occurring.

It’s been 13 years since those two days, and this past summer feels almost the same as it did back then. So much hatred, violence, racism, poverty, illness in our own country and around the world.

Last night, President Obama addressed the country to tell us his plans for airstrikes against the terrorist group ISIS. It sounded eerily similar to the last president’s justification for the exportation of our weaponry and military might.

I believe in Peace. I believe that the only way to achieve Peace is through peaceful measures. I believe that Love and Understanding, Compassion, Kindness and Light vibrate at a higher frequency, and so they dispel the lower vibrations of hate, ignorance, anger, etc. The only thing that erases darkness is Light. These are my beliefs, and I also think that they are facts.

Music is vibration. It fills the space created by Silence. You can’t hear music without Silence. If we allow the Silence to be filled with Love, with Music that is healing, peaceful, compassionate…then we Musicians can help dispel this darkness. It’s the very small part we can do in the midst of so much that is negative.

This song, Final Remembrance, is a sad song, but it is filled with Love.

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