Elaine Lucia – Singer Songwriter’s Campaign on Indiegogo – CANCELLED DUE TO WILDFIRES

UPDATE: October 15, 2017: Due to the devastating wild fires occurring in Sonoma County I have suspended my campaign. So many friends and neighbors need our help now in so many ways. I can’t continue asking for many when so many need help in this catastrophe!!


Friends, I’ve launched my Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to finally, FINALLY record my CD of all original songs, “Twist Run Road.” Music heals the world, and this campaign will allow me to contribute what I can to help dispel negativity or fear; that is, beautiful, peaceful Music.   The songs seem to be a culmination of my spiritual seeking – they are about Universal love, true forgiveness, and Hope. Many of them are like snapshots of childhood memories; they are innocent, clear.

A mock up of the CD cover…haven’t decide yet what it will ultimately look like, but this is a nice image!

Many of the songs have come to me in dreams, and this is still happening. It is as if I am ‘tuning  in’ to them.

This is one of the original illustrations by Annalisa Sher, inspired by the lyrics to my song, “Fireflies.”

Many people have told me at my shows that the songs really touch their Heart, and I am so happy to hear that, because that is exactly why I want to record them:  to share these songs have healed my Heart. I know these songs have brought comfort and peace to me; I hope they will for you, too.

Take a few moments to look at my Indiegogo page.    Watch the video, see the Gallery for other videos, and take a look at the Perks.     In addition to the physical CD, and the full digital download, there are also downloads of some of the songs as solo/guitar pieces, and beautiful illustrations by the young artist, Annalisa Sher that were inspired by the song lyrics.

Please join me in taking these songs of my dreams and making them a reality for everyone to enjoy…be a part of this positive project to release more Beautiful Music out into the World!!

Thank you so much!!  Love and Peace Thru Music, Elaine

Below are the lyrics to one of my songs, “Under the Water,” and the artwork by Annalisa Sher that I will release as a Perk IF I get enough donations to have it reproduced….if YOU want to make a $100 donation, I’ll add this beautiful piece to the other three illustrations, plus the CD and the digital download. This image is not visible on the Indiegogo page…only on this blog post!!  So:  send me a personal email if you’d like to have a copy of “Under the Water” art piece.

“Under the Water” lyrics by Elaine Lucia; Art Piece by Annalisa Sher

Under the Water  – words/music by Elaine Lucia

Under the water
Beneath the surface
Below the howling winds and the raging wave and the swaying limbs.
Under the water
Deeper than deep
Shafts of light like shards of Truth pierce through secrets you would keep.

Floating on the surface lies your reflection
Shatter what you see
Dive right in, immerse yourself
‘Cause everything you need is there
To live and breathe down there
Under the water.

Beneath the surface
Your Heart lies beating
Feel the blood coursing through your veins
Like the rivers and the seas and the rains
And the pull of the Moon on the rising tide
It’s where we’re from.
It’s all inside.
It’s all Water.

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