Elaine Lucia Launching IndieGoGo Campaign Mid-July

Getting ready to launch my IndieGogo campaign!  After recording three jazz CDs, this will be my first recording project of all original songs.

Titled Twist Run Road,” many of the songs have come to me in dreams…literally. Vivid dreams, complete with song melodies and lyrics undermining beautiful, loving scenes, come to me while asleep, and stay with me for days. (In the dream, I open my mouth to speak, but instead of words…music and lyrics begin…I am dreaming and speaking in songs, in other words.)

Many times during a dream/song, a separate part of my mind, the observer of this dream, will comment: “Oh my gosh, this is beautiful….I need to remember this!”  Often, I can wake myself out of a dream/song, and write down or quickly record into my iPhone the music and lyrics.
Because many of the songs come from dreams, it feels almost as if I didn’t actually “write” them. That I am just transcribing them, in a way. Then, I edit them, add/change lyrics, melodies, chords and/or the form.
Mostly it seems as if these songs from my dreams are simply Gifts that the Universe has sent my way through the Music of the Soul. For that reason, I decided to try again to record them so I can share them with you.

The songs on this project have a peaceful, loving vibration to them. They’ve created a sanctuary in my Heart…a place I can escape for just a few moments, the chaos that surrounds us these days.  I want the songs to do the same for you, for whoever hears them, to resonate within the Heart for a few ‘magical musical moments.’

If you would like to get advance notice for the date when the Indiegogo campaign will launch, sign up in the right sidebar and click the box that says: Let’s do this, Elaine!

ABOUT THIS SLIDESHOW / VIDEO: When I was last in Endicott, NY (for my mother’s funeral 2015), I stayed at a beautiful little B&B that had a milkweed garden. The garden provided a breeding ground for Monarch butterflies which feed on the plants when they are caterpillars. I took photos and a short video of the Milkweed thinking that I might use the images someday. And so I did, and here they are. (note: images of caterpillars and butterflies are not mine)

Note: the “Milkweed” illustration is by Annalisa Sher. It will be available as a Perk in my upcoming IndieGoGo Campaign.
SIGN UP in the Sidebar for advance notice of the campaign launch! There will be other beautiful, original illustrations with song downloads and other really nice Perks.

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