Casting, by Elaine Lucia


This is a song that came to me first as an instrumental melody on the guitar. I played it over and over, every day – all day and evening long – for about a month. I had no idea where it came from, and I wondered what the lyrics would be. What was the story behind this melody?

Each night before I went to bed I would Ask for a Dream to come and give me the story. One night, I dreamed I was standing in a meadow, a warm breeze blowing and a blue sky and sun above. Suddenly, dark clouds blocked the sun and brought a chill. The next scene in my dream brought me to a starry night, the darkness was clear, and the moon was full. The moon suddenly dissolved into millions of stars that cascaded over me, as I caught them in a net. Yes, I was catching the falling stars. The next scene in this dream brought me to the edge of a shining sea…the gentle waves cast a spell over the sand and over me and my friend, as we stood there hand in hand looking out over the water.

The title, Casting, refers to the casting of the dark cloud over the sun, the moon casting the shower of stars over me, and the sea casting its spell over the sand. All of those elements: the sun, the moon, the stars, the sea…represent Love to me, the only Energy that exists in the Universe. All else that is the “opposite” of Love, is, in my opinion, simply an absence of Love, nothing more, nothing less.



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